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Please click on the attachment below to view the Honeywell Instant Alert initial registration instructions which are available in English and Spanish!  Registration Instructions.pdf

From the Superintendent

As you are probably well aware, concerns regarding clowns have been escalating through social media outlets and news reports. This week, some towns in Morris County have received “clown threats” via postings on the Internet. Many of our students, particularly those in the lower elementary grades, have expressed fear about clowns in and around their schools.

We want to reassure our school community that, although we have not been able to verify a similar threat, we take these concerns very seriously. We are communicating with the Dover Police Department about this issue. The Dover Police will provide an increased presence around our schools in an effort to diminish fears. In addition, our administrators and teachers are reminding students that they are in a safe environment at all times in our buildings. We will continue to investigate the veracity of rumors and report any information to the local authorities.

Daily Announcements


Messages from the Office


Halloween is approaching quickly. We’d like to share some important information with you regarding Halloween at North Dover.

  • If you would like to donate some “treats” for the class, please contact your child’s teacher.
  • Students who choose to dress in costumes must arrive at school in their costumes. Please note that students will be wearing costumes to gym, lunch and at recess.
  • Costumes may not have parts that interfere with learning. This means no masks or costumes that restrict movement or vision, prevent sitting at desks or prevent participation in physical education class, or that may cause a tripping hazard.
  • Please…No masks, No Face Paint and No Make-up.
  • Costumes may not promote violence or have accessories or props that could be used as a weapon (i.e. toy guns, toy swords, toy knives, chains, or spray cans).


Important Phone Numbers

Main Office (973)-989-2020

School Nurse (973)-989-2025


If your child is going to be absent for any reason from school, you must call the school nurse 973-989-2025 by 8:00 A.M.
Pre-School students MUST be given 1 dose of Influenza before December 31, 2016.


Visits to the dentist for preventive care should occur twice a year and include and oral exam, x-rays if needed, cleaning, fluoride treatment and oral hygiene instructions on how to brush.  All children can be referred to the dentist with the appearance of the first “baby” tooth and must be referred to a dentist by the age of 1.

The following are the Dover Public Schools Board of Education guidelines for distribution of medication to students.  All medication MUST have written permission from the doctor. This note must be given to the nurse. Short term and long term prescriptions must be brought to the nurse in the original container with the student’s name and directions on labels. Over the counter medication may only be given with a parent’s and doctor’s written permission.

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