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Honeywell Alert Information


Please keep your phone numbers and contact information up to date

so that important information will reach you.

Please click on the attachment below to view the Honeywell Instant Alert initial registration instructions which are available in English and Spanish!  Registration Instructions.pdf

Inclement Weather Notification Systems

Media                                                         Type                                     Location

News 12 New Jersey                              TV Crawl                             Some Cable Providers (Not Fios)

News 12 New Jersey                              Website                                http://newjersey.news12.com

WABC – TV Channel 7                          TV Crawl                              Cable

NBC – TV Channel 4                              TV Crawl                              Cable

New Jersey 101.5                                    Website                                 Nj1015.com

Daily Announcements

Messages from the Office

Please make sure that emergency contact information is kept up to date.



Important Phone Numbers

Main Office (973)-989-2020

School Nurse (973)-989-2025


If your child is going to be absent for any reason from school, you must call the school nurse 973-989-2025 by 8:00 A.M.
Pre-School students MUST be given 1 dose of Influenza before December 31, 2016.


Visits to the dentist for preventive care should occur twice a year and include and oral exam, x-rays if needed, cleaning, fluoride treatment and oral hygiene instructions on how to brush.  All children can be referred to the dentist with the appearance of the first “baby” tooth and must be referred to a dentist by the age of 1.

The following are the Dover Public Schools Board of Education guidelines for distribution of medication to students.  All medication MUST have written permission from the doctor. This note must be given to the nurse. Short term and long term prescriptions must be brought to the nurse in the original container with the student’s name and directions on labels. Over the counter medication may only be given with a parent’s and doctor’s written permission.

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